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Available Scripts

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BLUE RIDGE (crime thriller) – Upon his release from prison, a young man returns to his hometown seeking revenge on the men who killed his sister and framed him as the perpetrator.

“From the opening sequence… it’s a page-turner… it subverts our expectations to lead us into its twists, of which there are many… like a punch to the gut… it’s riveting drama for an audience.”

– The Black List


MORE THAN MOUNTAINS(true life drama) – The inspiring true story of leg amputee Todd Huston, who in 1994 overcame tremendous obstacles to climb the highest point in all 50 states in only 67 days, including a climactic death-defying ascension of Alaska’s Mount McKinley, highest point on the North American continent – thus becoming the only disabled athlete to break an able-bodied world record… by an astonishing 34 days.



(drama) – During the 18th-Century discovery of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, the love between a Russian commander and a beautiful island woman takes an unexpected and fearful turn after their son is born, leading to dark obsession, invasion and the slaughter of a people.

Based on the bestselling novel by Janet Dailey.


(horror) – Based on the controversial book, ABSOLUTION is the dark and grisly chronicle of the life of a model citizen whose reaction to betrayal was… butchery.

*Finalist – Terror Film Festival*
*Top 10% – Slamdance Screenplay Competition*
*”Strongly Consider” – script coverage, Endeavor Agency

“I killed my best friend Charlie with a knife. He was eleven. I was ten.”

Thus begins the uncensored confession of Ted Roth, with the first shocking childhood slaughter of his best friend in Catholic school. An act of horror that was only the beginning of a lifelong pattern of mutilation and death for those unfortunate enough to betray him.

Ted Roth was certainly the last person anyone would suspect. A sensitive, intelligent, sympathetic soul, he progressed through life, raised a family, and amazingly managed to flourish in business, political, and social circles. Yet as this autobiographical account of the evolution of his psychopathic maturation attests to, who you see is not always who you get.

Nothing less than his last will and testament, Ted Roth’s confession of his secret life culminates in an astounding buried revelation, a fact of staggering historic significance, disclosed here for the first time.

An unbelievable account of violent horror and revenge/justice, ABSOLUTION: THE TED ROTH STORY is a chilling look at a tormented mind.


CHAOS CANYON (1-hr TV pilot – mystery/suspense) – A telepathic young woman with a hidden past starts working as park ranger at New Mexico’s mysterious Chaos Canyon where she finds government conspiracy, supernatural happenings at ancient ruins, and a shadowy agent who seems to want something from her.

“… a complex series exploring themes of environmentalism and magic within the mysterious power struggle of warring ideologies…”– The Black List